Opal-5 Development Kit Reference

The Opal-5 i.MX53 Development Kit (abbreviated to ODK in this manual) is a flexible development system that enables rapid prototyping of devices using the Device Solutions Opal i.MX53 CPU module. 
It includes:

  • Opal i.MX53 CPU module
  • DB100 development board
  • Cables and accessories

All the key features supported by the Freescale i.MX53 processor, as well as a few extras including Wi-Fi and GPS. Supported i.MX53 features (via the Opal CPU Module) include:

  • Multiple display support (VGA, LVDS and a 7" parallel TFT panel with touch screen)
  • Ethernet
  • USB Host and Function
  • CAN Bus (2 channels including transceivers)
  • Audio

This manual provides details regarding the hardware features on the board and basic configuration settings. Detailed software information is specific to the Operating System you are using and is covered in separate documentation provided with the Operating System port.

The product details presented in this manual are subject to change. Please contact Device Solutions for the latest information before beginning any new designs based on this information.
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