Opal-6 Linux Releases

This page has the downloads and notes for the latest Linux release.

For previous releases, see the list to the right.

Release Details

Linux Version4.1.15
YOCTO Version 2.0.1 (Jethro)

u-boot Version 

Release Date2016-08-17
Supported Platforms

Opal-6 rev C (Quad and DualLite)

Opal-6 IoT Development Kit rev B and D

Downloads and Links

Demo Binaries

Demo binaries are provided along with the NXP Manufacturing Tool. This is a Windows application.

To install:

  1. Unzip the package
  2. Put the BOOT CONFIG jumpers on the Developmet Kit into USB mode
  3. Attach a USB cable to the i.MX6 USB port
  4. Power on the Development KIt
  5. Run the MfgTool application and follow the instructions
  6. When MfgTool is finished, close it and power down the Development Kit
  7. Switch BOOT CONFIG back to eMMC and power on
Pre-Built Toolchain

This pre-built toolchain includes tools and libraries for application development on our demo images.

Opal-6 Yocto Layer


Linux Kernel Sourcehttps://github.com/DeviceSolutions/linux-opal6/tree/opal6-4.1.15-003
u-boot Sourcehttps://github.com/DeviceSolutions/u-boot-opal6/tree/opal6-4.1.15-003

Release Notes

This is an interim release for Linux 4.1.15 on Opal-6.  

Key features are:

  1. New Linux v4 kernel 
  2. Support for the QUAD SoM 

Known Issues

  • Rev B development kits require modification to support Opal-6 QUAD SoMs

Previous Releases: