Opal-6 Linux

This documentation provides step-by-step instructions on getting setup for Linux development on Opal-6.  

A strength of Linux is its flexibility.  This can also create confusion for new developers, as it's hard to know exactly where to start and how to achieve something!  

Our goal is to provide a starting point for application development and building a kernel.  There are many, many other tools and options which we have not covered here.


The Opal-6 Linux support is provided via the Yocto framework.  This is based on the software provided by NXP.

The current version of the kernel supported is 4.1.15.


If you are an experienced developer there is no need to follow along with everything - just pick and choose the bits you need, and use the tools you already know.  

Our release page has links to all the latest source and pre-built software you need to work with Opal-6.

Development Machine Setup

You need a Linux machine to develop for Opal-6. This section show you how to setup a Linux in a Virtual Machine.
Application DevelopmentKeen to get "Hello World" working? This section shows you how to do so.
Building a Linux OS ImageThis section details how to get all the source code and build everything for Opal-6: u-boot, Linux kernel and Root File System (RFS).