Quartz Module Technical Reference


The Quartz Vybrid CPU Module family packages together a Freescale Vybrid applications processor with flash, RAM, power management and networking functionality into a module that is easy to integrate into new embedded designs.

Key features include:

  • Freescale Vybrid Applications Processor 
  • 256Mbytes DDR3 RAM
  • 256Mbytes NAND Flash
  • Single or Dual 10/100 Ethernet PHYs on-board
  • Choice of high-density board-to-board connector, or surface-mount LGA form-factors 

This document details the technical specifications of the Quartz CPU Module. 

Operating System Support

The Quartz module supports:

  • Linux
  • Freescale MQX

Operating System support under development includes:

  • Windows Embedded Compact 2013
  • Microsoft .NET Micro Framework

For details and getting started information, refer to the appropriate documentation that comes with the OS port.


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Other Reference Documentation

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